Customer Testimonials

"Absolutely Gorgeous"

Oh my gosh.....the wedding invites, scroll, and place name cards are absolutely gorgeous..My household is all excited and can't wait to start delivering haha!..
Just seeing your amazing work brought tears to my eyes. I just don't know how to thank you enough Madeline..Thank you once again for your excellent service, amazing beautiful work and design..I'm super excited now about my upcoming wedding!!! ...thanks so much!!!! Priceless, words just cannot express to you what I'm feeling right now..
Take care and God bless..Best Regards, Isabelle Terekia, New Zealand (04/23/13)

"They Are Awesome!!!"

The scrolls have finally arrived and THEY ARE AWESOME!!! Be ready to receive orders from my friends as they are so jealous. THANKS A LOT for these AMAZING scrolls invitations. And most of all, thanks for your support on this. Your help and patience have been very much appreciated! You have brought a huge contribution to what will be one of the most beautiful and memorable day of my life! Eunice Joseph, Cheltenham, UK (01/06/12)

"You are One of the Few with an Exceptional Customer Service"

I have received the wedding invitations here, they are so beautiful, WOW! so unique, I am so thankful  for choosing you for making my wedding invitation. You are doing a good job. Thank you so much, you are one of the few with an exceptional customer service, keep up the excellent job and may God bless you more. Lorena Almeda,  Dorset, United Kingdom (03-01-2014)

"This Is my First Time to Order Online
And You Made it a Wonderful Experience"

Hi Madeline, The invitations are wonderful! From the covers to the paper itself. My whole family would like to thank you for making these lovely and amazing invitations and favors. I'll be looking forward to do business with you again someday. This is my very first time to order online and you just made it a wonderful experience for me. Everything has fallen into the way I expected them to be. From the never-ending questions when i first inquired up to the last payment that I sent. More power to your company and wishing you the success that you deserve. Thank you so much again. Olive Tapnio, Ontario, Canada (5/24/07)

"Cannot ask for more! I got more than what I expected!
They are very elegant and professionally done!

The invitation and Thank You card? Cannot ask for more! I got more than what I expected! They are very elegant and professionally done! I am more than willing to advertise your products to friends here for free! :) On top of all these, I really love the fact that you guys were so cordial and very patient through out the whole ordering process. I sincerely wish that there are more people like you out there. I know in my heart that your good deeds will be rewarded. I wish you more success in this business! My friends love the invitation! I heard "aaahhhhs" and "ooohhhhs" when they saw the invitation. Honestly, my upcoming wedding is a simple one with just close friends and family. This type of invitation will really make it simple yet elegant and very memorable.... Thank you, thank you, thank you! Sincerely, Annie.  Aniceta Laclacan,  Champaign, IL, U.S.A. (4/12/10)

"You definitely went above and beyond our expectations and the pictures did not do justice to the final product."

Madeline, We received the package today, and we just wanted to say how beautiful everything was. You definitely went above and beyond our expectations and the pictures did not do justice to the final product.  Thank you again, and God bless. Thank you, Charles and ThaiRy Dizon, Lynnwood, WA, USA (07/02/11)

"I am so happy with the results I give it a AAAAAAAA+++++"

I just wanna let you know that I  have received my package today! What a fast shipment thank you very much! I love love love the wind chimes and the abaca bags it's so nice and looks even beautiful in person. I am so happy with the results I give it a AAAAAAAA+++++ ... Thank you so much! I appreciate all the hard work you and your team put into this order for me -=) ... I will definitely do business with you again ... Thank you once again and please tell everybody that I said salamat po ..  Khamphay Leyesa, Porterville, CA, U.S.A.(03/08/10)


We received the invitations and giveaways. I was so excited to open the box and it was unbelievable. I will definitely do business with you again in the future. My future father-in-law was here when we opened it and he can't believe how beautiful it is, he kept saying 'IT'S BEAUTIFUL, I NEVER SEEN LIKE THIS BEFORE'.... I replied, only in the Philippines....hehe... We have not started giving away the invitations but am sure, everyone's gonna be amazed. This is what i wanted to be remembered on my wedding. Juanita Gordo, Alberta, Canada (6/4/2012)

"It Was Way Better Than What I Expected"

Hi Madeline, Just wanna let you know that we already recieved the stuff you sent.
Im completely happy with the results. It was way better than what i expected!
Thank you again! Bea & Scott Driedger, Winfield, B.C., Canada (email 7/18/08)

"You Amazed Me...I'm Really Impressed...I Got So Many Compliments"

Madeline, You amazed me with your genius creativity, I'm really impressed, used that gift that God has given to you...I was happy overall you did a good job, I got so many compliments and thank you so much. Evelyn Flaviano, Long Beach, CA, U.S.A. (7/25/06)

"Everyone Thinks It's Really Pretty And Unique"

Hi Madeline, We have given out the invites to our guests and as expected, they are all fascinated! Everyone thinks it's really pretty and unique. Thank you! Feds Infante, Northern Ireland (07/17/07)

"I Can't Really Get My Eyes Off Them"

Hi Madeline, just wanna say thank you for the efforts for making the covers so perfect, they are gorgeous!.. in fact, I can't really get my eyes off from them...anyway, have started distributing already today...everybody who received them are asking where did I get them, so they can order if they marry again :-D, well that's a good sign really when people starts appreciating! Anyway, thanks again. You did a great job for us...Madelyn Basalo, Luanda, Republica de Angola (07/18/07)

"I Am Absolutely Thrilled! They Are Stunning, Everyone Is Really Impressed"

I received them last week and am absolutely thrilled! They are stunning, everyone is really impressed! Thank you so much for your creative input and speedy response. Holly Edwards, England  (05/14/08)

"The Reaction From Them Are Tremendous...Abaca...Brings a Bit of Culture"

Hi Madeline, I've been meaning to send you a couple of photos of our invitations but got so busy with the wedding plans. But anyway here are 2 photos for you showing how I used your abaca. They have already been mailed out and the reaction from them are tremendous =) Everyone loves the addition of the abaca. It brings a bit of our culture into it. As you can see I actually used it as a jacket/cover for the entire invitation. I thought I'd show you how beautiful they turned out =) Thank you again for your help!  Warm Regards, Tiffany P. (02/26/09)

"Everybody Wondered How it Was Made...
Most People Refused to Get Rid of it"

Hi Madeline, Happy new year and long time. sorry i didn't reply your mail because i didn't have access to the internet in Africa. My invitations were lovely. Everybody
wondered how it was made,infact most people has refused to get rid of it up to now.Anyway thanks very much. I intend to get some customers for you in future.
Take care. Stella Mbato, Abia State, Nigeria (01/30/09)

"Everything is perfect I love it!!!!!!!!"

Good day Madeline and Greg. Everything is perfect I love it!!!!!!!! Thank you so much. Renato Vasquez, Woodhaven, NY, U.S.A. (03/11/10) 

"Everything from the initial ordering process to our final delivery went fantastic!"

Hi, Madeline, Everything from the initial ordering process to our final delivery went fantastic! You were very professional and responsive. The process was easy to follow and went very smoothly. We are very happy with the results. Thank you, Steve & Teng Simonson, Temecula, California, USA (11/9/10)

"The invitations are even more beautiful than the photos!"

 Dear Madeline. Thank you sooooooooooooooo much! The invitations are even more beauiful than the photos! We got them today as they were held by customs until we had paid the tax. They are so well made and unlike anything we have seen before.Thank you so so much! We are both delighted and can't thank you enough! Kelly McCarthy, Scotland, United Kingdom (3/25/11)

"I'm very satisfied of the Giveaways. They are so cute."

Hello Madeline!! I got the package here in Norway already.. Im very satisfied of the giveaways. Thank you very much. They are so cute.. Meron ba kayong franchise sa ibang bansa like norway? Sincerely Marivic Enarciso, Norway (07/18/11)

"They Are Simply Beautiful And Very Elegant"

Hi Madeline, The wedding favors arrived yesterday. They are simply beautiful and very elegant. No doubt, they will be one of "the talks" at the reception. Thank you  for the efficiency. Sincerely, Patricia Jimenes, Lakewood, CA, U.S.A. (03/29/07)

"Excellent and Prompt Service...I'm Just So Impressed"

Hi Madeline, I really appreciate you being so flexible. Iba talaga pag Filipinos do the service! Thank you so much. Hayaan mo I will definitely refer you in the future, with that excellent and prompt service, that's what Americans love;)...I'm just so impressed how the bell turned-out as I wanted it to be! The abaca rope really stands out as the Philippine accent. Thanks again, Alicia Martinez, Colma, CA, U.S.A. (1/10/06)

"Everything's Great...Love Everything"

hi madeline...everythings everything!!! shipping service was good...the packages got here within 7 days from ship date...very fast, considering it came from the other side of the world!!!! we love them!!! and thank you for everything!!! Kathleen Biluan Bergan, Georgia, USA (11/18/08)

"The Invitations Are Beautiful, I Love Them."

Hi Madeline, The invitations are beautiful, I love them. Thanks, Toyia Marshall Novak, Michigan, USA (05/14/08)

"They Turned Out Very Cute"

Hello Madeline!...I am very happy with the wind chimes & bags!! They turned out very cute!! I appreciate you getting them done early. If I do need more when I know the final number of people attending, I will definitely let you know...Those are very nice as well and if I know of anyone in need of unique invitations like yours, I will definitely tell them about you!! Thanks again for everything!! Take care! Amy Bucsit, California, USA (11/18/08)

"My Family and Relatives Like it Too"

hi ate madz! joy here! i came back here in kuwait this early am around 2:30. i got d invitation exactly 11:00. it was so nice and my family and relatives like it too! they were asking where i found u! i said only via internet. whenever possible surely i will recommend u. I thanked God I found ur website and thank u for being a part of r wedding! just pray for us that not only r wedding but r marriage life will b successful as the both of u w/c i believe u do. Thank You and may God continue bless u as well as your business. Joy dela Vega, Kuwait (11/25/08)

"Thank you soooooo much!!!!!!"

Ms Madeline hi. Scott already received the box. He definitely likes it. Thank you so much. I also promoted your company to some other people. My co workers like your souvenirs. And probably might contact you too. Thank you soooooo much!!!!!!. 
Emily Roma, Washington, USA  (03/09/13)

"They Are Really Lovely"

Hi Madeline, I just received them and they are really lovely. thank you very much. Amanda Arthur, Oxford, United Kingdom (05/29/09)

"They're Fabulous! Thanks."

Hello madeline, I received the package today.. They're fabulous! Thanks.  Phebe Polski, Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA (5/5/11)

"I loved the invitations. It really came out great. Just what I wanted."

I loved the invitations. It really came out great. Just what I wanted...Everything was in excellent condition. I really appreciate your effort to comply with all my requirements. I would like to know if you can make matching "Thank You cards". Thanks again. Zulma Ortiz, Port Washington NY, USA (05/12/08)

"I Was Very Satisfied Doing Business With You"

Hi Madeline, I received my shipment about a week ago and I wanted to say THANK YOU!!! They look great with my invites. I appreciate all that you did for me from keeping in good contact with all my inquiries to the pricing of the abaca! I was very satisfied doing business with you...Take care and best wishes! Tiffany Piniones, California, USA (10/09/08 )

"Everyone Likes Them"

Hi Madeline, I received the package almost 2 weeks ago. Its been getting crazy around here lately so I haven't had a chance to email you. The invitations look really great! Everyone likes them. Thank you so much for all your hard work and making sure I got it by the date I needed. Sincerely, Nita Dy, Corona, CA, U.S.A. (6/21/09)

"She Really Loves Them"

Hi Madeline, Yes Jill did receive the items, she really loves them, I am in USA but will get to see them in Two weeks. Thank you for making a very timely delivery. Kirk Alan Penton, Cebu City, Philippines (7/02/09)

"They are beautiful.. I will recommend you to my friends."

Hello.i have receive the box madeline.. thank you so much they are beautiful.. i will recommend you to my friends. thank you again. Erica C., Norwich, Norfolk, United Kingdom  (4/22/10) 

"Thanks for the efficient service!"

The box just arrived; looks fantastic, the guests will be deligghted, I'm sure - thanks for the efficient service! Keith Lancing, Makati, Philippines (3/8/10)   

"They Are Simply Beautiful And Very Elegant"

Hi Madeline, The wedding favors arrived yesterday. They are simply beautiful and very elegant. No doubt, they will be one of "the talks" at the reception. Thank you  for the efficiency. Sincerely, Tricia J., Lakewood, CA, U.S.A. (03/29/07)

"The original are nicer than the photo"

hi madeline Good day, we received already the souvenirs today. it was arrived here in malta last thursday. Me and Dennis are both happy it is very nice we liked it very much , the photo you show us are different from the original so the original are nicer than the photo. we really satisfied of what we saw. we really appreciate your kindness and more blessings to your business.God will bless your family. advance merry christmas. Merlita Gumanit Camilleri, Europe, Malta (12/15/09)

"Loved them thank uuuuuu sooooo much"

Received the cards loved them thank uuuuuu sooooo much :) Rakesh Chukkapalli, Andhra Pradesh, India (10/26/10)

"The mini bags are cute and lovely!!!!"

Dear madelline, We finally received the mini bags & they are cute & lovely!!!! Our deep appreciation to you. More power to your business. Gb&tc Evelyn Bernardo, Prestons, NSW Australia (02/24/11)

“Received the cards and definitely very happy with it”

Hi Madeline, I have received the cards and definitely very happy with it. Thank you. Ephraim. Tochukwu Nwosu, Bankstown, Australia (10/13/2010)

"They're so Beautiful and I Love Them"

Hi Madeline, I received your order and I just wanted to say thank you very much!! They're so beautiful and I love them. Take care, Maria Poochikian, Rockville, MD, USA (07/24/08)

"I'm very happy, they are really nice!"

I received the cards last week, I´m very happy, they are really nice! Thank you! Regards/ Atefeh Tajik, Stockholm, Sweden (5/24/11)

Very quick delivery! And they look amazing!!!

Just wanting to tell you that I received the pocket wedding invitations today! Very quick delivery! And they look amazing!!! I'm so very happy with the end product.Thank you so very much for these creations. You should definitely look into putting a Facebook page up for many many other people to see! Thanks again. Aileen Dizon, Kensington, NSW, Australia (05-03-2012)

When i opened that box, my excitement just sky rocked "

Thank you soooo much!! When i opened that box, my excitement just sky rocked...thank you sooo much for making this great moment alot much easier!!! client, -Sipau Lee California, USA (10/30/11)

"Very Classy And Unique"

Hi Madeline, I spoke with my mom today. Her comments on the invitation and chimes: very classy and unique. Cynthia Agustin, Zamboanga City, Philippines (06/13/11)

"It's Really Jaw Dropping"

Seeing the real thing is even better. It's really jaw dropping! All were awed with the invitation and it made a lasting impression to ours. Many thanks. Majikdot (YouTube comment  9/13/08)

"We're Very Happy With It"

We got the invitations today and we're very happy with it.  Thanks for everything. Ding, Almira and Hazel, Melbourne, Australia (01/04/12)

"They are Fantastic!"

Hi Ms Madeline, Yes we received the tube scrolls yesterday. They are fantastic! Thank you so much and we hope to hear again in the future. May you have more success in the business and God bless :-)  Simone&Grace, Italy (02/26/2013)

" I really love it, its beautiful. I'm glad we found you"

Good morning Ms.Madeline.I saw the wind chime souvenirs yesterday and i really love it, its beautiful. I'm glad we found you.Thank you so much again.GOD BLESS you and to your business....Sherridan and Gerald love it too and also Gerald's parents. Cecille Loto Ontario, Canada (03/21/13)

"I love them. I can't wait to show them off"

I just received ur the package... All I can say is... Omg they are beautiful.....
Thank u so much.... I love them. I can't wait to show them off.... I will be doing business with u again. Laila Buan, Maroubra, New South Wales, Australia (05/01/2012)

"All of the Guests were so Amazed!"

hi ate madeline .. a greatful thanks from me & my hubby for all of these pretty wedding stuff (pocket fold invitations, tube scrolls, direction cards, kissing bell favors)  ... all of the guests were so amazed! thank you !! thank you.  Leni Barcela & Sheldon Boon, Kelowna BC, Canada (06-11-2012)

"It was such a pleasure ordering from you guys"
Hi Madeline, Thanks so much!!!!  I got the ABACA invitation cover this morning.... They look wonderful....... It was such a pleasure ordering from you guys....Will tell others about your website....Hope to do business with you again in the future.... Thanks again...... Kate Jariel, Auckland, New Zealand (3/3/10)

"We are all happy with the results and the invitations are really beautiful!"

Hi Madeline. We are all happy with the results and the invitations are really beautiful! Thank you so much and God bless you more and your business! :) Joanna & Felipe Carmona,  Connecticut, USA (02-26-2014)

"The scrolls are really pretty and I'm so happy with the quality"

The scrolls are really pretty and I'm so happy with the quality.You've been very kind and helpful. Thank you so much for everything. Jessica Habiatan, Ifugao, Philippines (01-29-2014)

Some Completion Proof Photos